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The Day After Thanksgiving


That picture looks about right for our family thanksgiving dinner. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I had a really good time. I got to spend some time with my family who I rarely get to see. We caught up on a lot of things. It is really exciting that both my brother and his wife are expecting as well as my sister and her husband. My poor mom is going to have 3 new granbabies within 5 months of one another! So very exciting.

We also stopped to visit a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. It was very nice to see them again. I miss being able to see them like I used to. So proud of him though he’s lost a lot of weight and looks really good.  He is following the 1800 calorie and push yourself away diet.

The meals

I ate a decent amount of food for dinner last night. I ate turkey, deviled eggs, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and this really mean pumpkin pie my sister in law made. Very very good. I kept my portion size under control, but I still probably ate about 2000 calories in that one sitting. So all of my calories in one sitting. As long as it isn’t a consistent thing I’ll be ok.

Christmas Decorating:

Well the day after Thanksgiving in our house means decorating for Christmas. We don’t have a lot of money to spend on ornaments and things like that, so I bought some construction paper and the kids have been making home made ornaments. I think it will be a good tradition for us to do. They will enjoy seeing it up a lot more than the stuff we can buy from the store. It will have a deeper meaning for them.  Plus it gives us extra time to do things together.

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!


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