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Addicted to food?

Good Morning!

Yesterday started out as a good day as far as food went but then later in the day I went out shopping and bought some stuff I shouldn’t have eaten and over-indulged. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are just some foods I have to stay away from. Does anyone else have similar problems? What have you done to combat the cravings?

Here is just a few of the foods that I can not stop myself from eating more than I should of:

  • Mac and Cheese
  • Pizza
  • Cookies

The only way I have found that works to stop eating foods like this is to not start eating them at all, however being a part of a family it is hard to not keep foods like that around.

Addiction and Food

Because I have such an over-indulgence to certain foods I think that I have a food addiction problem. I often ask myself how do I deal with a food addiction, it’s not like drinking or pornography. It’s not like I can stop cold turkey like I did with alcohol when I was younger, or getting rid of the internet at home to make it less tempting to view.

How can I punish everyone else in the house by not by foods that they like and don’t suffer with like I do? How can I combat the fact that my wife likes to order pizza in? How do I deal with this without alienating everyone else in my household? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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2 thoughts on “Addicted to food?

  1. you read in so many weight loss articles and websites that “moderation is key” or “just allow yourself a little bit”, but I’m like you, I honestly think having a “little bit” is actually harder than not having any at all! The day we learn moderation is, in my opinion, the day we overcome over-eating (I’m definitely not to that point yet! I still use food many times and overeat to cope with boredom and even reward myself!).

    One thing to try, see if there is anything your family can go without having in the house. For example, chips are one of my husbands weaknesses and we all agreed we could without chips! See if your family is willing to give up anything in the house to support you!

    Secondly, if there are things they aren’t willing to give up, but they are things that can be hidden, then have them have a special place for it in their room or elsewhere where you can’t get to it, but they can (chocolates, cookies, candies, any other bagged snacks). With stuff like pizza and mac n’cheese… I’m not sure, that’s a hard one 😦 that’s the kind of thing I just have to stay away from, cold turkey, for awhile. SOrry for rambling! Hope this helps!


    1. Thank you so very much for the advice. It is very difficult to do with a 7 and 8 year old and a wife with a baby due in March it makes keeping the stuff that I like to over-indulge in difficult to keep out. There are a lot of things I do keep out of the house, I just really struggle with those things that I don’t.

      I also can’t take my debit card anywhere as I have a bad tendency to be a moron and waste my money at the gas station on stupid stuff like those ever to delicious swiss cake rolls from little Debbie.

      I think I need to spend some serious time in prayer and evaluate my past and see what memories may tie to it and work through them if they are negative and if they are positive figure out a way to detach the food associated with those memories.

      I know that when I was growing up I spent a lot of time with my grandma and she always used to make mac and cheese and cut up hot dogs in it for us kids. I know I have a lot of pleasant memories around the table with her, my brother, sister, and cousin.


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