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Good Evening,

I have a tendency to over-commit myself to things. I volunteer to do way to much and then never have enough hours in a day to complete it.  This causes so much unneeded stress and of course I’m a terrible stress eater. No I haven’t fallen off the bandwagon still working on losing my weight.  Sorry I didn’t have time to post anything yesterday.

If anyone has a good blog idea though let me know. Nothing really has struck me today to write about besides over commitment. 

Over-Committing and Weight-loss conflict

Am I the only one who ever notices the more things I try to do in my life the harder it is to lose weight? I have a hard time saying no to things, including foods I shouldn’t eat.

For example; many of you don’t know that I am a computer repair guy and a programmer as my full time chosen occupation. How many times do I tell my co-workers sure I can take a look at your computer? So they bring their computer in when I’m extremely busy so I spend the time I would normally take for lunch and spend it working on their computer.  Which causes me not to eat and a few hours later feel like I want to tear the fridge door off and eat everything in site! Needless to say not a good habit to have.

I’m learning it’s okay to say no to things. It’s not easy though. For years and years I have wanted people to like me and I bend over backwards to do what they need but not spending the time to do what I need.

Does anyone else struggle with this? Any advice would be appreciated!


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