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Tune it up on Thursdays!

Good Morning! It’s Thursday and you know what that means! It’s time for me to share what the scale says. After all the scale doesn’t lie.

First though I would like to mention how very difficult it is to step on the scale and read the numbers for me.  It’s a real self-confidence killer to step on the scale and see whatever the numbers are. I want to be thin already, but I know it takes time.

The scale never shows what I want it to show, it shows the cold hard truth. It tells me whether I have been faithful to my plan or if I cheated. It’s like a mini truth detector. Have I mentioned how much I really hate the scale? There are days that I wish it would lie to me and tell me I did a better job than what I really did. Alas it isn’t so and I have to deal with what it actually says and work on being better next week.

The cold hard bitter truth of the scale

Well here it is: 353.8lbs (with picture of the scale)  That would be a .8 increase over where I started last week.

9-29-2012 Weigh-In

I thought I did well this week, but apparently I didn’t. I need to do a better job logging food this next week and hitting my water numbers.


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