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All moved in

Good Morning! I have not had time to write anything since I started moving, but now that I am getting all settled in I have a little bit of free time to do so.

The old house and my storage unit in Jackson are completely empty. Everything was either donated or brought to our new home. All of the furniture is finally in place, and we are getting settled in.  The poor shed looks like it’s going to explode when you open the door though.

Sammy is getting big, he can roll over and get his hands out of the way. He creeps to where he wants to go by rolling over and rolling over again. He is so determined to get there, but sadly he has yet to figure out how to put his pacifier in his mouth the right way.

That is all the time I have to write now, but expect some long in depth posts in the future that may make me very unpopular with some people.

Have a wonderful day!


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