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Things come and gone

Good Evening Everyone,

Keeping warm on a cold night

I am relaxing in front of a nice warm fire in our fireplace. It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged about anything. I apologize for that, but my life has been very busy and full of tons of changes.

It’s hard to believe that the last time I made a post was all the way back in July. I’ll try to keep my ramblings in some sort of chronological order, but I make no promises!

A New Job and New Beginnings.

After three months of interviewing I managed to land a job at a wonderful company that cares about its employees and the community. Leaving Rose City was a much needed, but difficult change for me. They were there for me for a very long time, but now I am glad to have closed that chapter in my life and moved forward.

The company I work for is fantastic, they are a document archival company. Unfortunately, a fairly long Non-Disclosure agreement keeps me from going into specifics of the job that I perform. However, the company gives us a paid day of volunteering with any organization they have events scheduled for. One of the things that attracted me to this company was their willingness, their eagerness to give back to the community in which they serve. Since I started in the beginning of August they have done a food drive for Loves and Fishes here in Kalamazoo, helped with Habitat for Humanity, and had a United Way drive.

They had an employee appreciation day back in September at Gull Meadow Farms. This was something I would not have been able to do with the kids if it weren’t for the company putting this on. I am very grateful for it.  Sammy stayed with grandma, but Kenny, Chloe, and I had a lot of fun. It was good, and much needed bonding time with my older children.

The family.

I am truly grateful to God for this wonderful new opportunity in my life. It’s been a fun first ninety days.

The Kids

The kids have started at their new school. So far they seem to enjoy it, but it appears that Kenny is having trouble making new friends.

They are suffering from some abandonment issues because of their mom. She hasn’t made any contact with them since July.

Sammy is growing like a weed. He crawls, stands, and babbles all the time now. He has been teething recently making for some interesting nights for me.

However, I will spend more time in future entries elaborating about things going on with the kiddos.

The Divorce

My divorce was finalaized the first part of October. It was a bit of relief for me when she didn’t bother to show up to the court proceedings. It’s really sad that almost 11 years of a relationship ended so quickly.  I have sole physical and legal custody of all 3 of my children. I hope and pray that I can be the dad that they need me to be. It’s such an amazing, and humbling responsibility.

The end of the divorce was such an anxiety relief, but tht anxiety was all that really kept me going in a decent fashion. It led to me being depressed for a few weeks, until I realized that was going on.

Well that is it for tonight folks. The fire is down to just embers now and I am ready for bed. In my next post looking for comments about weightloss goals, future dating plans, the kids, and whatever other ramblings I feel motivated to write about.
Good Night and God  Bless,



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