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Endings and new beginnings

What a whirlwind this past year or so has been for me! It’s been a year of ending chapters in my life and starting new ones. I thank God for all he does for me. I praise Him for always being there for me, from the darkest depths to the highest mountains.

This video, posted on a friends Facebook wall sums up fairly well how I feel.

The year 2013 signified a lot of closes in my life. Throughout the year god presented many new things in my life. Allowed for many things to happen that I would have never saw coming.

The year started out on a high note. I thought my marriage was going well, we had been getting counseling, and we were getting along so much better. My ex had complications with the pregnancy and had all sorts of contractions for a really long time. She was absolutely miserable.

I was the calmest I’ve ever been, the kids were doing better in school, and I was feeling really blessed by God.

Samuel was born on February 18. It was a miracle he was born alive. He had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 6 times! It was the most the doctors had ever seen and the baby survived. They were still talking about it when I went in a month later.

I thought everything was going well at home. We were going to church, God was using me to minister to others through learning to forgive what had happened in 2012, and we had great friends we were spending time with. I had cut back on work, and was working to spend more time with the family. There was no internet in the house, so no gaming, no porn, or anything like that to contend with.

Alas, it was not to be so. On March 27, 2013 I came home to an empty house and a cryptic note. She had ben talking to me about being afraid of her “ex-lover” and that he kept saying that he was going to hurt her and the kids if she didn’t go with him.

The truth is, she left with him, and took the kids with her. She didn’t let me speak to the children for 12 and a half days before I was able to get Kenny and Chloe to bring home. Unfortunately, to do this, I had to file for divorce and get an ex-parte order. I had done everything with the police that I could. I ended up having to drive all the way down to Texarkana, TX to get them back.

During this time I wrote this poem to express my feelings:

God used my pastor in an amazing way in my life during this time. His family was from down and around that area so God provided a way out for my ex to return home and for us to work on our marriage. Sadly she did not take this option, but I was provided with support from my pastor’s home church in Ida, LA.

I ended up leaving Samuel with my ex because she was convinced he was her lover’s baby. I couldn’t put another family through what I had already been through. I knew he would be safe because the family believed him to be their own.

We came back to Michigan and started to get our lives in order. The kids went back to school and received extra counseling. I was able to work again, without being distracted. Some friends from the church really stepped up and helped me out in a pinch for child care. My pastor, James, was able to provide counseling and guidance for me. God used the relationships he had help forge over the last few years at Grace church to help walk through what was one of the darkest chapters in my life. Had I not gone through what I had in 2012 I don’t believe I would have been able to walk through what happened in 2013.

After getting Kenny and Chloe home I went out a few times, but I wasn’t ready to date, and God showed me that also. I have been patient since then, just looking for friends and whatever God has in store for me.

Towards the end of May I was able to bring Samuel home. It had been very difficult to bring him home to be with the rest of his family. My ex lied and lied and lied about returning him. When it got to the tipping point of everything she finally caved and just told me she didn’t have the money to bring him home. We met in Saint Louis and she returned him to me. (Associated Blog Post:

Over the summer I moved back to my hometown to be near my family. They were able to support me and take care of the kids while I traveled back and fourth from Jackson to work. My employer was good to me. They went above and beyond what they even needed to do.

However, God blessed me with a new job at a fantastic company right near where I live now. Working for the company has been such a boon for me. I am able to go in at 7:30 and get out at 4. This leaves me a lot of time to spend with the kids. It’s such a fantastic thing.

I turned 31 in September. It was really uneventful.

In October my company put on a company picnic at Gull Meadow Farms, it was fantastic.

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Christmas was a blessing, God chose to bless our family this year. I pray to be able to be a blessing to another family next year.  The Holidays post:

In summary 2013 was a year of changes in my life. My marriage with my ex ended, I made new friends, I became closer to God that I ever thought possible, one job ended and another one began, I moved, and a myriad of other things.

I finally learned to say it is well with my soul.

An amazing Acapella Arrangement (1 person doing all the parts)



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