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Fun times at Black Rock



Good Evening Everyone!

I haven’t had any time to sit down and write this until tonight. We went to Black Rock Medieval Festival this past weekend. We all had a blast.

First there was a quick trip to the ATM for cash. I wish I would have realized there was an ATM outside of the festival. It would have allowed us to get there right when they opened.

So I strapped Sammy into the extra-sturdy stroller and off we went into the festivities. It was $10 for my entry fee and the kids were free. It’s a great price for something fun and unique to do with the kids.

We went from shop to shop trying to do a scavenger hunt. The shops made the kids dance, or do other silly things to get their word for the papers we were given when we first arrived.

Kenny dancing for the shop keeper.

We arrived just in time for the pirate sword fighting show. Kenny was hooked. I couldn’t resist heckling the announcer though. The whole crowd laughed.

Real Life Sword fighting

A little later we walked by the jail, and I had the kids arrested. What fun is it to go to a medieval fest and not go into the jail? They were laughing the whole time.

jail time
The kids in jail



Sadly those are all the pictures I took. I was having way to much fun with the kids to use my phone.

The kids are hooked though. They want to dress up when they go next year. I love them so much. They are awesome!


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