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Week 1 – Weigh-In

Good Morning,

This is the first of many weigh-in Wednesdays!


My official starting weight of this journey is 346.2 pounds.


I also took some before photos, shown below. I don’t plan on taking photos of myself every week, but every 10 pounds or so. I am really embarrassed by these photos and the fact that I had to take them in the bathroom mirror. Inthe future I hope to have one of the kids take the photos so they are a bit nicer.

wpid-wp-1416405339844.jpeg wpid-wp-1416405336689.jpeg wpid-wp-1416405333236.jpeg wpid-wp-1416405329567.jpeg


Have a great Wednesday!


I'm just a man trying to find my place in this world. Walking through emotions and pain trying to become a more Godly man.

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