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Holiday Hangover

Good Afternoon,

I am sorry I didn’t write over the long weekend. There was so many things that I wanted to write about over the long weekend, but I was distracted and never got around to writing them down. So we are left writing a post that is almost like a hangover about a very long four day weekend.

I will be the first to admit my weekend didn’t go well from a weight-loss prospective. My Thanksgiving Day was filled delicious food that I don’t get to eat often. Sadly I over-indulged myself. It was great though.

I also indulged in way to many sweets from Thursday until Saturday. I indulged until they were all gone. I need to learn how to say no.

So today I feel almost like I am in a food hang-over. I ate to much all weekend, and I can tell. I took a preview on the scale this morning, and it wasn’t horrible at least. I cannot keep doing this to myself. I need to figure out why I cannot say no to certain things and start learning to set boundaries with it.

I’ll post some more later, but I’m tired of Holiday food hang-overs, and I need to start addressing it.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any ideas on how to fight the battle and win?


I'm just a man trying to find my place in this world. Walking through emotions and pain trying to become a more Godly man.

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