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Lots of updates

Good Evening everyone,

I know I haven’t written anything but a short post letting you know I am alive. I haven’t had the time or the focus to sit down and blog. Alot has changed over the last month or so. I am going to try and get back on track with making one or two posts a week.

One of the biggest reasons I wasn’t able to post is that I was in the process of moving. It sucks up a ton of time, and not knowing where everything is is enough to drive a person batty!

The peace with food thing was going well, but during the moving process I ate a lot of junk. I am in the process of re-training my body to yet again not crave that nasty stuff like McNasty’s. It seems to be a longer road this time than it was previously.


On a brighter point though, I have begun working out as a part of a group with a personal trainer every weekday morning. I was really out of shape to begin with, but I didn’t realize how bad I really was. I started the first Monday in March. I have really been enjoying it. My energy levels are way up, sadly I haven’t been sleeping well so after the workout in the morning I am ready to take a nap. Fortunately after getting past that I am wide awake for the rest of the day.

I also never realized how weak I really was in my upper body. I don’t know that I’ve ever really worked on it. With the personal trainer I have been progressing amazingly. In the three weeks I have been doing this I went from 8-10 pound weights up to 15 pounds. I’m hoping in the next week or two I’ll be up to 20 for a lot of them. It really is exciting for me.


So something has really set into my mind today. I haven’t heard this quote from anyone else. It’s more like an amalgamation of a lot of things I’ve heard over the years.


No one can pay the price for your health but you. You have to get up and make choices every day for the good or the bad. Either way you will pay the price. You will pay to be unhealthy by missing out on the things you want to do. You will pay to be healthy by not giving into those poor food choices and exercising. The choice is yours to make.


Have a great night and I’ll post more soon. Hopefully I’ll remember to do a Weigh-in Wednesday this week to get moving!


I'm just a man trying to find my place in this world. Walking through emotions and pain trying to become a more Godly man.

One thought on “Lots of updates

  1. Scott! I have been meaning to write you, but life has been crazy here too! But moving–woah! That takes it to a whole new level!

    Keep up the good work. It sounds like you are getting back on track now that life is beginning to stabilize again. Your messages are inspiring–I love the quote you ended with. Well said…Bravo!

    Peace Coach


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