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Getting back at this again

Back in the game

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a long while since I posted on here. I have been really busy and I let this get away from me. I’m back to a point where I need the support of blogging to help my mindset.

So a few updates:

New Job

I have a new job. I am now working an hour away. I am looking for a closer place to live, but I haven’t found one yet. Hopefully very soon. I don’t like that I’ll be moving the kids in the middle of a school term, but it is what it is. I am making a lot more money though, so I have a lot more options available to me.

Recovering from injury

Recently I injured my ankle pretty badly. God was watching over me though. Thankfully it wasn’t much worse than it was. I had to wear one of those stupid boots. I couldn’t walk without it. I still cannot run, but I’m walking more.


Its a very complicated subject. I’m looking at making some more friends.



Anyhow, I’m back at it. So expect to see more soon.


I'm just a man trying to find my place in this world. Walking through emotions and pain trying to become a more Godly man.

One thought on “Getting back at this again

  1. Welcome back, Scott! Congrats on the job change and promotion! We have been wondering how you have been! Since we talked last we actually recently published our book called “Peace with Food”. With all of your life changes you may find it to be helpful since our book not only helps with the mental side of weight loss, but also helps people transfer this peace into other areas of your life. Considering your situation of transition, we thought it might help–

    Lara & Robynn
    The Peace Coaches


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