“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” —Confucius


Salutations visitors. This is my fourth go around at a blog. I do really well and then I drop off for awhile depending on how busy I am. My goal this time around is to post weekly.

A bit of background:

I will fill this soon.

My Personal Beliefs:

I am a conservative Christian, which means that I will be talking about Jesus and God throughout my blog; quoting the bible; writing through the lens of my beliefs. If you have a problem with this, this probably isn’t the blog for you.

Additionally I am also politically conservative and think the government should stay the hell out of my life. Don’t be surprised if it comes out.

Purpose of the blog


I am not always the most eloquent speaker, and I prefer to put my thoughts down in writing. It allows me to come and go as I please and make updates and clarifications as necessary. This blog will be about my walk through life and will cover a myriad of different topics.


This page is still under construction. Check back soon.