My Hero

Written by: Scott Reese on June 8, 2003

My hero is not someone you would expect

Not someone anybody would think

He was only a man

A simple human being

He worked every day

Making an honest living

He was nothing special to anyone

But unlike anyone else he cared

He taught me things

And showed me compassion

He treated me with respect and integrity

Showing me that I was cared for

Even when my peers insulted me

He was concerned

He was just a simple science teacher

A 5th grade teacher that loved life

Today he is gone

But his legacy lives on in my heart

You see two years ago he died

Cancer ate him from the inside out

And I never had the chance

To tell him I loved him

The father I never had

Showed me the love of Father

I just wish I could say,

“Thank you for being there,

And thanks for caring.”

I miss this man I barely knew,

But I know that

Someday I will see him in heaven,

Where he presented a wonderful crown

To the Lord of Lords

And the King of Kings

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