The Apple of My Eye

Written By: Scott Reese


An apple tree towers over a meadow,

Its fruit is beautiful and appealing

From a distance a man gazes

Entranced by its splendor


The tree entices him in

The exquisiteness is too much to take in

The apples glisten in the sun

Humming with marvelous splendor


As the man draws near

He sees a sign that reads

“Pick an apple,

But do not lust”


Next to the sign lies a ladder

He passes the sign without a thought

He stops to think

‘Which should I choose?’


You see they were a marvelous site

He put up the ladder

And chose a marvelous red one

Bright like the fiery sun

Climbing down from the ladder

He gazes at his choice

It is the most striking he has ever seen

He goes to take a bite. . .


“Excuse me,” a little girl proclaims

“Do you mind if I have that apple,

The one that’s behind you.”


Behind the man lies a dirty apple

Fallen from the tree

Covered and bruised


“Are you sure you want this?

It’s been on the ground and is dirty.”

He smiles at her.

She only responds with a nod.



After giving the little girl the apple,

He turns to his apple and smiles.

“You are gorgeous,

It’s a shame I have to eat you.”


He bites in

“Good God!!!”

Throwing the apple down he coughs and spits

“That is the most appalling apple I’ve ever tasted!”


A moment later,

The girl bites in and proclaims,

“Thank you Lord for this beautiful gift

It tastes marvelous”


The man had missed the point,

He lusted for appearance

And neglected to read the sign


You see it also read:

“Do not use the ladder,

And take only what you can reac

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