The Darkness of Me

The Darkness of Me
Written By: Scott Reese on Sunday, June 08, 2003

Into my heart the darkness defiled
Taking what was good and corrupting
My soul wounded
Decay and hatred consume

It started as a tiny bit
A little “white lie”
But as time went on
They turned into skeletons

From my mouth spewed defamation
Attacked anything that was unique
And all that was precious and dear

With time the darkness grew
Feeding off the lies
The evil of my life
Grew in bounds

But the good shrank and withered
Un-watered and unfed
They began to die

The innocence lost
The dreams denied
The hopes shattered
The life consumed

Things went down and down
The darkness grew
And the hated festered.

But one day
A man came in
And watered the good
Gave the light fuel

Darkness cowered and
Hatred trembled
Love had been shown
A fire kindled

With time the flames grew
They consumed all that they saw
Light reigned and passion grew

Faith was born,
Dreams were found
Hope given life
And life given freedom

You see the one
The man who lit the fire
Was also consumed
He was engulfed by the darkness
To bring me light.

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