The Love of my God

The love of God is never ending,

Never ceasing, never beginning

It has been here since time began,

And even long before.

He created me out of love,

Knitted me together in my mothers womb

Saw all of the days of my life

And planned to help every one of them.

He created this wonderful home,

This wonderful world

He made Adam, and then Eve

Though Adam and Eve fell short of His glory

He loved them none the less.

With Cain and Able,

Feuds began that have lasted for many ages

With a flood He destroyed the world,

But with Noah saved a part.

He scattered the peoples of the Earth,

And raised a race among them

He showed favor with this race,

This Jewish Faith

Out of these people He bore His son.

The only one who could save us all

From our long and hateful ways

His son healed people,

He made the blind see,

And the lame walk.

He loved the sinners,

And the righteous ones.

He cared about the ones hated.

He became hated by the world

Because he loved you and me

He wore a crown,

A crown of thorns made for you and me

He was driven through by nails,

Meant for you and me.

He hung upon that wretched tree

And died that day

But wait, three days later he arose

Alive and well, He had conquered death

So we may have life.

His hands still showed the scars of those evil nails

He made a new covenant with the world

His precious blood interceded where we were meant to go.

After many ages His love still endures,

And He is still alive

But one day we all must realize that

We died to our own ways that day

To truly follow him.

Out of love we were saved

From our horrid ways

So know I know that

He has prepared a place for me

I ask you if He has prepared one for you.

Because I know that he will come back

And with a mighty call

Bring those of his faithful home with him

To be at the place He set for us

When we asked him into our lives

That is just some food of thought

To feed our daily lives

God Bless,

~Scott Reese

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