The Love of my life

The love of my life is not something that you can replace,

Not something that you can turn away or hide,

It’s not something that I can change,

It’s not something you can hold or touch


The love of my life is dead, but yet alive

At first I thought it was a girl,

She was sweet, caring, and kind

Though I still love her she hurt me deeply

I devoted my life to her instead of my first love


When she left my world was left asunder

I could do nothing but cry and wallow in my own self-deceit

I knew that she was going to leave,

There was nothing I could do to stop it

I had cheated on her,

In mind and thought

Whether she knew it or not I may never know,

But she’s gone none the less


Left with nowhere else to go I turned to the only two choices I had left

The end of a wretched life brought to by a horrendous kind of death

Or the choice of life, and the one who bought my soul

His life saved my life


Faced with this difficult choice I had no clue what to do,

So I turned to God and asked Him what to do.

I prayed and prayed and prayed

He showed me the love of His son

The son that I had known all along in my life,

But I refused to admit that He was real.


This Son had died at Calvary for me

Whether I wanted to admit it or not

I chose to go with Him on a slim chance that I may get Her back

My reasoning was wrong,

But in my Heart I knew that I needed Him.


My life ended the day that she left me,

But I never knew that I would have a new beginning

For through all of the hard times that I could not control

He was always there to comfort me,

Even when I just wanted to be left alone.


I asked Him to bring Her back to me,

But He told me He couldn’t do it

Or it might have been that He wouldn’t

Either way I knew that He would always be there for me

Even if it was not in the way I wanted


Whether I scorned Him

Or even hated Him

He was there to love and to comfort

When no one else could.


The pain was deep and into my soul

I was torn and scared in ways

I would never wish upon another soul

He could see what no one else could


He knew how to comfort me

Even when I thought it was impossible for me to live

To live a life without Her in it


I came to an understanding one day

An understanding I came to with Him

I could do nothing to stop his loving and care of me

Whether I fought it or not

It was always there


So I made a deal with Him

A deal that led me to follow Him

As long as He would help me

And never forsake me like the one I loved had


See He showed me that day

That I had not died,

But only truly began to live.


As time went on after that

I came to realize that I was just as guilty,

As guilty of putting Him on that wretched tree at Calvary

As the ones that did the physical act of driving those nails

Our evil nails and our evil thorns

Into that wonderful man who became my savior



If you do not know who I am talking about

I implore you to find out

About the only one who can redeem you

His name is Jesus Christ

The one and only true Son of God


He loves you,

Even when you are long gone astray

He wants you to come back

And know that He will never leave you

That He will stand by you

When no one else will


If you know the love of my life

Then I bless you and wish you the best of luck

And to those of you who do not know Him,

I ask that God bless you ten times over,

And pray for you


God Bless,

~Scott E. Reese

Written – Wednesday, May 14, 2003

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