Unending Pain and Suffering

One day I came home and all was missing
I came home to no hugs and no kissing
I opened the doors and called around
My children and wife were nowhere to be found
Frantically I sent her messages
She said she left to get away
But she’d be home in a day.
I called the police there was nothing they can do
Because she is a parent she has rights too
So Message after message I asked and I begged
But her responses were insane.
I offered her assistance but she would not say
Where she was on that day
Second by second,
Minute by minute,
I wish my children were in it.
The minutes turned to hours
And hours into days
My children are gone
And I’m going insane.
I woke up from nightmares
And found no one home.
No one to love,
no one to hold.
I wish they were home now,
But I don’t know what to do
Because the police said there is nothing they can do.
I received support from my family and friends
But at the end of the day it is where that all ends.
I come home to an empty house
With only the cat and maybe a mouse
It’s no longer a home
because I am all alone.
The pain and the sorrow are to much to hold.
“God help me” I cry out
Shout after shout
I yell bring them home
I need them to fill this hole in my soul.
All I can do is wait on the Lord,
And remember his goodness still sits on the throne.
I love you dear Jesus
For all that you’ve done
You’ve held me together
And reminded my heart
That this could have been me
If it wasn’t for you
You died on that tree
For her and for me.
So I thank you Lord Jesus
For all that you do,
But Lord please bring them home soon.
You said you would never give me,
More than I can bear.
Lord just how much must I bear?
My own strength is gone
Lord please give me yours.
Show me your abundant grace and mercy
Which I don’t deserve
My pain and my sorrow feel as deep as the ocean,
But I know your love and your grace run deeper still.
I trust you Lord so do what you do,
But please oh Lord just give me some clues.
I love you Jesus and in your name I pray,

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